RJ45 Splitter for Ethernet and Telephone Line Sharing

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RJ45/RJ11 Network Cable Splitters for Ethernet and Phone Line Sharing
(Connect Ethernet and Analog Phone lines by a Single Network Cable)

This set of two RJ45/RJ11 network Cable Splitters can be used, one at each end of a network cable (Cat5e or better) , to carry one old fashioned analog telephone signal and one 10/100Mbps Ethernet signal by the same single network cable.

Such network cable splitters are especially useful for carrying Ethernet signal on an existing cable in a house or building that was originally laid out for carrying telephone signals. As the result, you can set up the Ethernet LAN quickly and easily without laying out a new set of network cables, saving you hundreds or thousands of dollars from otherwise new cabling costs.

The diagram below is a typical application of the network cable splitters for carrying both telephone signals and Ethernet signals by the same set of network cables in a house.

This Ethernet and phone line cable sharing splitters are tested to work normally for Ethernet signals at 100Mbps without any noticeable interference from the shared telephone signals. At the same time, the telephone signals are tested crystal clear without any noticeable interference or noise from the shared Ethernet signals.
Model No.DC-104
Network Diagram - RJ45 Splitter for Ethernet and Telephone Line Sharing
Price: $12.95/Set (2pcs)